The Old Cigar Warehouse is one of downtown Greenville’s most unique event venues boasting over 7,000 square feet, 35′ ceilings, and both indoor and outdoor space. Built in 1882 and once used for cigar and cotton production, this historic building is truly special with the capability of hosting any type of event imaginable. It has housed several other ventures over the years but came to Tammy’s attention in early 2013. Since it held such vintage value and beautiful possibilities, Tammy and her team took on the task of renovating it into an event venue.

Within months construction and renovations began which added on the grand staircase, catering kitchen, bathrooms, bridal suite, office space, plus so much more. These additions, however, never took away the classic feel of the building but rather simply enhanced the availability of modern amenities. Affectionately referred to as “OCW”, the Old Cigar Warehouse is booming today with weekly events, pop-up bar nights, and inquiries for the future.

OCW logo-copper-building-200x200.png

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